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Lawrence Block as Sheldon Lord: Candy (USA 2016)

From the Publisher:
Jeff Flanders has a perfectly good life. Until Candace Cain sashays into it and turns it upside-down.
Jeff's got a good-looking wife; he loves her and she loves him. He's got a job, swinging a desk at a semi-shady finance company, signing off on usurious loans to losers; he doesn't love it and it doesn't love him, but it's easy work and it pays the bills. Until a girl called Candy applies for a $1000 loan-with no job, no bank account, no security. Nothing but a beautiful face, an awesome body, and all the nerve in the world.

He lends her the money himself. That's a mistake. In return, she takes him to bed. That's a bigger one. All she wants in the world is someone who'll keep her in style. All he wants is more Candy...

CANDY, first published in 1960, is a noir novel of sexual obsession. It could as easily qualify for the Classic Crime Library, as it's unquestionably a crime novel, but on reflection LB decided it was a better fit in the Collection of Classic Erotica.

Besides, this way we get to use the gorgeous Paul Rader cover.

Lawrence Block as Sheldon Lord: Candy. The girl who would stop at nothing for thrills. Candy, the sexpot - Candy, the voluptuous - Candy, with a cashbox for a heart. CreateSpace Publishing (Classic Erotica), ISBN: 9781533544681 (May, 2016), 168 p., $9.99.






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