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The Affairs of Chip Harrison

Lawrence Block: The Affairs of Chip Harrison (UK 2001)

From the Publisher:
This is a series with a split personality. The first two books are not mysteries at all - they are erotic coming-of-age novels. Then in the third and fourth books Chip goes to work for Leo Haig, and the books are puzzle mysteries, very much in the manner of Rex Stout.

NO SCORE: Chip, alone in the world, seeks to make something of himself and lose his virginity. Hoping to win over the beautiful Francine, Chip Harrison is astonished when an attempt is made on his life, an event that places him at the forefront of a fast-paced investigation.

CHIP HARRISON SCORES AGAIN: Young, broke, and girlless, Chip finds himself on an adventure in South Carolina after stumbling upon a discarded bus ticket. But with Chip's predilection for being where he shouldn't, it's deja vu all over again - spelling trouble for him with a capital T!

MAKE OUT WITH MURDER: Chip must solve the suspicious, untimely deaths of three sisters - one of whom stole his heart. Now he must cozy up to the remaining two, as he investigates some nefarious relatives with money and murder on their minds!

THE TOPLESS TULIP CAPER: Chip finds himself at a Times Square Club waiting for his latest client, a stripper, to finish a night's work. When she completes her set, she introduces him to her roommate, a dancer who's targeted for murder, and killed in the club right before their very eyes! The list of suspects is as long as the line outside the club, and now it will take all of Chip's street smarts to trap a killer!

Lawrence Block: The Affairs of Chip Harrison. No Exit Press, ISBN: 1842430378 (August, 2001), 640 p., £9.99.






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