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Edna Buchanan: Contents Under Pressure

Contents Under Pressure From the Publisher:
Britt Montero is an ace crime reporter who sleeps with a police scanner by her bedside - and who can't keep off a hot story, even if the book has already been closed. Miami is her turf, with it's sweltering nights and seething passions that can erupt without warning into mind-numbing violence. Now a black ex-football star and beloved local hero is dead after an alleged high-speed police chase - and Britt's city explodes around her. The facts are hidden somewhere among the deadly lies, official cover-ups, and the vigilante crimes of rogue night shift cops. And Britt's determined to pursue the truth through the smoking tropical wreckage - even as it leads her perilously close to unexpected revelations of conspiracy and corruption that could burn her to the bone.

Edna Buchanan: Contents Under Pressure. Avon Books, ISBN: 0380722607 (February, 1994), 368 p., $6.99



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