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Edna Buchanan: Margin of Error

Margin of Error From the Publisher:
I could smell the gunpowder. The dream was that real. Just as Miami suffers the aftereffects of the devastating hurricane that ravaged the city at the time of her fatal encounter, Britt suffers the effects of post-traumatic stress syndrome. Into this scenario strides a major Hollywood star about to film an action movie, the first to be shot on location in the city since the storm. The character he portrays, that of a government agent under deep cover as a reporter, brings him into the newsroom and into Britt's life, to research his role. The film's plot is reflected in real life as danger lurks - on the set, in the newsroom, and on the streets. An obsessed madwoman stalks the star, and mysterious accidents, mishaps, and deaths push the production dangerously over budget. The magic of twenty-four frames a second rivals real life for excitement. While the rich, beautiful, and indulged cavort at South Beach foam parties and night spots, Miami's mean streets are never meaner. A baby apparently starves to death, a welfare mother is targeted for murder, and a serial killer is stealing hookers' hearts - literally. Britt and the star become so close that both are now menaced by the obsessed fan. Is she the only one, or is someone else also determine to sabotage the film and murder the star? Their search for the truth takes them from the bright lights of a major movie premiere to the dark bowels of the newspaper's vast press room. From Hollywood-style high life to low life on the street, Miami, with all its vivid contrasts, has never been more beautiful - or deadly.

Edna Buchanan: Margin of Error. Hyperion, ISBN: 0786889314 (April, 1998), 373 p., $5.99.



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