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Raymond Chandler: Later Novels & Other Writings

Later Novels & Other Writings From the Publisher:
Frank MacShane, editor: In Chandler's hands, the pulp crime story became a haunting mystery of power and corruption, set against a modern cityscape both lyrical and violent. The Lady in the Lake takes private eye Philip Marlowe out of the seamy L.A. streets to the surrounding mountains, where the search for a missing woman expands into an elegy of loneliness and loss. The Little Sister, with its bitter indictment of Hollywood, The Long Goodbye, with a plot hinging on friendship betrayed and the compromises of middle age, and Playback, the last Marlowe novel, uncover deeper resonances in the classic private eye. Also included is the screenplay for the film noir classic Double Indemnity; a selection of essays; and letters ranging wittily over the worlds of writing, publishing and filmmaking. This volume, along with its companion Stories & Early Novels, is the most comprehensive edition available of our greatest mystery writer.

"Raymond Chandler invented a new way of talking about America, and America has never looked the same to us since." -- Paul Auster

Raymond Chandler: Later Novels & Other Writings. Library of America, ISBN: 1883011086 (October, 1995), 1088 p., $35.00



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