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The Green Lantern

Jerome Charyn: The Green Lantern (USA 2005)

From the Publisher:
A theater troupe dares to put on Shakespeare's King Lear, and shortly before the performance, the actor playing the title role falls ill. The prop manager, a lumbering, largely silent bear of a man - completely inappropriate for the part, according to common perception - finds himself literally thrust into the spotlight. His performance becomes the talk of Moscow, and he falls under the direct scrutiny of Joseph Stalin, who controls whether the show will proceed and the actors will live to give another performance. A winter's tale, an exploration of Shakespeare, the Soviet Union, and what it is to "perform."

Jerome Charyn: The Green Lantern. A Romance of Stalinist Russia. Thunder's Mouth Press, ISBN 1560257954 (November, 2005), 357 p., $15.95.


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