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Hurricane Lady

Jerome Charyn: Hurricane Lady (USA 2001)

From the Publisher:
Jocko Robinson is the 97th richest man in America and the creator of Lamplighter, the world-popular TV crime series. But that doesn't stop Jocko from getting shot in the head while looking for a tofu burger in Los Angeles. And that won't stop Jocko from falling helplessly in love with the Hurricane Lady, a former model who calls herself Inertia and serves a crime lord from Cologne. A man obsessed among other obsessed men, a man in love among a tangle of lovers, Jocko is desperately trying to pry away Inertia from her life of mayhem and promiscuity. To succeed, Jocko has to enter the realm of his own fantasy-and somehow find a way out again.

Jerome Charyn: Hurricane Lady. Mysterious Press, ISBN: 0446677337 (May, 2001), 199 p., $12.95.


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