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Raised by Wolves

Jerome Charyn: Raised by Wolves (USA 2006)

From the Publisher:
When Quentin Tarantino was eight years old, and all the regular kids were lining up to see the latest from Disney, Tarantino¹s mother took him to see Carnal Knowledge. Sound about right?

A high-school dropout who never attended film school, Tarantino got all the education he needed while working the register at Los Angeles¹s fabled Video Archives. His enthusiasms -- for pop culture (foreign and domestic), eye-popping aesthetics, and genre films -- would become notorious and infectious. The outrageous success of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction essentially killed off Tarantino the man, and gave birth to Tarantino the myth.

Here, from legendary novelist and historian Jerome Charyn, is a portrait of both the man AND the myth -- and the mind behind them both. More than a biography, more than a critical study, Raised by Wolves is a feisty and astute reckoning with Tarantino en toto.

Jerome Charyn: Raised by Wolves. The Turbulent Art and Times of Quentin Tarantino. Thunder's Mouth Press, ISBN 1560258586 (May, 2006), 195 p., $14.95.


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