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Secret Isaac

Jerome Charyn: Secret Isaac (USA 2012)

From the Publisher:
Disguised as a bum and living in a flophouse, Sidel tries to save a streetwalker
The ragged old man has a tapeworm in his gut and a room at a nameless Whore's Row hotel, but to those in the know, he is one of the most powerful people in New York. Once the first deputy of the police commissioner, Isaac Sidel has lived in impoverished exile ever since the death of his detective protégé, Manfred Coen. As he wanders the streets around Times Square, Sidel spies a prostitute with a fearsome scar: a letter D seared into her cheek. His pity stirred, he asks her name and buys her a meal. Afterwards, he sets out to destroy the man who branded her.

Sidel's target is a pimp with a love for James Joyce and a hand in the pocket of the police commissioner. Taking him down will mean upending the force that Sidel once served, but if the tapeworm doesn't stop him, no crook can.

Jerome Charyn: Secret Isaac. An Isaac Sidel Novel. Road, ISBN: 9781453251560 (April, 2012), 316 p., eBook $9.99.



Secret Isaac

Jerome Charyn: Secret Isaac (UK 2004)

From the Publisher:
The final book in the classic Isaac Quartet
Isaac Sidel, the ex-First Deputy of New York City, is at his lowest ebb. A wounded romantic, he now lives a lonely existence at a grimy hotel, lamenting the death of Blue Eyes Coen, his most favoured cop, and the waywardness of his daughter, Marilyn. Yet Isaac falls in love with Annie, a beguiling Irish prostitute with a dark secret. Secret Isaac trails our forlorn hero from New York's political halls to the depths of Dublin's Joycean underworld as he pursues a terrible and exacting revenge.

Jerome Charyn: Secret Isaac. Bloosmbury, ISBN: 0747563624 (November, 2004), 248 p., £6.99.


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