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Miss Terry

Liza Cody: Miss Terry (USA 2012)

From the Publisher:
Nita Tehri's life seems sorted. She has a good job, she lives in a pretty apartment in a quiet street and she has escaped from the family who endangered her.

Yet despite everything she's achieved she still has a problem. She doesn't look like her neighbours. And when a grizzly discovery is made outside her door all eyes turn towards her.

She has done nothing wrong. But slowly, inexorably, her life turns inside-out. How can the people she used to think of as her friends and colleagues behave so irrationally in modern, enlightened England? Little by little her faith in society and British justice is eroded.

It isn't only her belief in fair play that's threatened. One thing is certain -- if she survives, her life will never be the same.

Liza Cody: Miss Terry. iUniverse, ISBN: 9781475932447 (September, 2012), 238 p., Hardcover $25.95, Softcover $15.95.


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