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Curious Wine

Katherine V. Forrest: Curious Wine (2002)

From the Publisher:
In this passionate novel of first discovery, Diana Holland goes off with her best friend for a gambling weekend at Lake Tahoe, where she is greeted by an all-female group of strangers in a shared cabin amid a glorious landscape of ice and snow. Among these strangers is Lane Christianson, gorgeous, coolly sophisticated, professionally successful -- and an enigma to those around her. An evening of game playing and drinking among the women escalates into a whirlwind of revelation and confrontation -- and later, an intense encounter with Lane that leaves Diana undone and in disbelief at what has surfaced between them.

Candid in its eroticism, intensely romantic and remarkably beautiful, Curious Wine is a timeless lovestory and a must-have for fans of lesbian romance everywhere.

Katherine V. Forrest: Curious Wine. The Most Popular Lesbian Romance Novel of all Time. Alyson Books, ISBN: 1555836615 (June, 2002), 160 p., $12.95, £8.99






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