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Fletch Reflected

Gregory Mcdonald: Fletch Reflected (USA 2006)

From the Publisher:
Fletch Reflected
Fletch's newfound son Jack has just heard from an old flame who's about to marry a billionaire's son -- that is until her future father-in-law suffers several near-fatal accidents.

Fletch Reflected
The potential victim -- the inventor of the perfect mirror, which allows people to see themselves exactly as others do -- lives in his own secluded compound, so Jack gets a job as pool hand on the estate to get closer to the action.

Fletch Reflected
Now Jack's life may be in danger, and he will need his inimitable father's help to discover -- before it's too late -- whose reflection hides a killer's heart.

Gregory Mcdonald: Fletch Reflected. Vintage Books, ISBN: 0375713506 (April, 2006), 222 p., $12.95.






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