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Son of Fletch

Gregory Mcdonald: Son of Fletch (USA 2005)

From the Publisher:
When Fletch learns there are four ex-cons on the loose in his part of the county, little does he suspect that one of the scruffy and very dangerous men will claim to be the son he never knew -- in fact, was never even told about. But when a muddy and bedraggled young man acosts him in his study, it doesn't take our wily reporter and investigator long to surmise this kid might well be his son. And when Fletch meets the kid's compatriots he wonders how either of them is going to get out of this situation unscathed.

Gregory Mcdonald: Son of Fletch. Vintage Books, ISBN: 037571359X (December, 2005), 236 p., $12.00.






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