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Skylar in Yankeeland

Gregory Mcdonald: Skylar in Yankeeland (USA 1997)

From the Publisher:
It's Labor Day weekend, and Skylar's just arrived at his rich relations' in Yankeeland. Very upper-crusty, Hahvahd types all around, and proper proper proper. There's all this land but no animals, all these trappings but not a lot of heart. One thing's no different, though - crime, which social class isn't above. Only problem is, when some very valuable jewels disappear, folks start pointing the finger at Skylar. He tries to shake these accusations off, but when a thirteen-year-old rich girl turns up murdered, Skylar's got no choice but to get down and find some real answers fast.

Gregory Mcdonald: Skylar in Yankeeland. William Morrow, ISBN: 0688141641 (January, 1997), 275 p., $23.00.






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