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Gone, No Forwarding

Joe Gores: Gone, No Forwarding (USA 1993)

From the Publisher:
The men and women of Daniel Kearny Associates are used to finding people who don't want to be found. Now their careers depend on it. The state wants to yank DKA's license over a $200 snafu. But the mix-up is only the beginning. When DKA investigators hunt down a prostitute on the run they realize that they've been set up by some serious players--including a high-powered lawyer with ties to the mob. Hardened detectives, Daniel Kearny's men find themselves on an exhausting cross-country search that takes them through star-crossed lives and into the kind of dark alleys that hold answers... and death.

Joe Gores: Gone, No Forwarding. A DKA File Novel. Mysterious Press, ISBN: 0446403156 (January, 1993), 212 p., $5.50.






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