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A Touch of Mortality

Ann Granger: A Touch of Mortality (UK 1996)

From the Publisher:
When Sally Caswell persuades her husband Liam to move from London to the quiet of rural Oxfordshire, it's in the hope they might have a more peaceful existence. But so far the move has led to nothing but discord. Morose and frustrated, Liam's book project is not going well and he quarrels incessantly with their next-door neighbour, the crochety pensioner Bodicote, whose unruly goats are a constant bone of contention; and when he's not arguing with Bodicote, he is venting his unhappiness on Sally herself. But then something happens that gives them real cause for anxiety - a letter bomb arrives through the door. Obvious culprits are an animal rights group, targeting scientist Liam for his research. But Chief Inspector Markby is not convinced they are the only suspects. Liam has many enemies, and Markby can see Bodicote is hiding something. The more he investigates, the more his unease grows - as does that of Meredith Mitchell, his former girlfriend and an old friend of Sally whom she can see is far from well. Then a body is found....

Ann Granger: A Touch of Mortality. Headline, ISBN: 074725186X (September, 1996), 314 p., £6.99.






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