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A Word after Dying

Ann Granger: A Word after Dying (UK 1997)

From the Publisher:
While holidaying in the country, Meredith Mitchell and Superintendent Markby are drawn to the obituary of Olivia Smeaton in the local paper. The old lady died, according to their neighbour who wrote the article, in an accident involving a loose slipper sole. Nothing suspicious in that, but while Alan is more interested in buying Olivia's house than the circumstances of her vacating it, Meredith is intrigued by unsettling events; the death of Olivia's pony, acts of vandalism and a dusty junk shop run by the local white witch. As Alan begins to suspect this may be a police matter after all, interviews with the locals reveal that her will had left people less than happy. The detectives step up their investigation, but matters take a deadly turn when the grisly torso of Ernie, the local handyman, is found, followed by the discovery of his head in the vet's rose garden. As Meredith and Markby realise, Olivia is far from the only enigma in the case - and her death might just be the first of many unless they can piece together some very secret lives to get at the truth, and quickly...

Ann Granger: A Word after Dying. Headline, ISBN: 0747251878 (May, 1997), 352 p., £6.99.






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