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Joseph Hansen: The Cutbank Path

The Cutbank Path From the Publisher:
Jack of Hearts and Living Upstairs (Lambda Award, 1993) chronicled the times of young writer-to-be Nathan Reed in the early 1940s. In The Cutbank Path, it's 1952, and Nathan, bright, talented, funny, but not too smart about life, is living happily with school-teacher Steve Schaffer in a shacky little house in the Hollywood hills, among a crowd of odd but friendly neighbors. But Joe McCarthy has the whole country running scared. And Steve loses his job. Nathan fights to wangle it back for him. Then, just as the worst seems over, he gets the shock of his life.

Joseph Hansen: The Cutbank Path. A Nathan Reed Novel. XLibris Corporation, ISBN: 140103473X (January, 2002), 220 p., $21.99



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