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Joseph Hansen: The Little Dog Laughed

The Little Dog Laughed From the Publisher:
Celebrated foreign correspondent, Adam Streeter is found shot dead in his elegant LA condo. The cops say suicide - so does Streeter's blind, teenage daughter. But the company that insured his life thinks otherwise and sends in crack death-claims investigator Dave Brandstetter.

And so begins a case that will take Brandstetter into the most dangerous game in the world - played for high political stakes in a Central American arena by desperate men. As he pushes deeper into the case, he unearths three more deaths seemingly linked to Streeter's. Little by little, Brandstetter narrows the hunt for the killer - only to find he himself has become the hunted, his enemy more powerful and ruthless than any he has faced before...

Joseph Hansen: The Little Dog Laughed. A Brandstetter Mystery. No Exit Press, ISBN: 1842430602 (April, 2002), 184 p., £5.99


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