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Angel Alone

Thom Ryder: Angel Alone (UK 1975)

From the Publisher:
The Last of the Hell's Angels rides across the country - if he dies will their flame of freedom finally be extinguished?
Dan and the chapter of Angels he leads have a safe hideout, in the ruins of an old church in the Fens. But when he and his chapter ride out to do battle with their deadly enemies, the Dudes, the forces of law and order are quickly alerted. The victorious Angels are followed back to their retreat, and the army and police bombard the ruins till they are reduced to a pile of smoking rubble. No one could have survived; all must be dead.

But are they? Who is the lone messiah who rides across the country with his hog and his mama, hoping to restore the Hell's Angels to their former violent glory?

Thom Ryder: Angel Alone. New English Library, ISBN: 0450025136 (July, 1975), 126 p., £0.35.






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