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Sparkle Hayter: Naked Brunch

Naked Brunch From the Publisher:
A modern Grimm's fairy tale and a comedy with both heart and teeth, Naked Brunch follows the adventures of the last nice girl in a fabled big city, a mysterious werewolf named Jim, a psychiatrist to werewolves, the world's luckiest reporter, and an assortment of villains, media jackals, obsessed lovers and wannabes.

Annie Engel is seemingly content to be a legal secretary in a big mega-corporation. She's the kind of girl who "understands" when her boss chews her out for his own errors or the man she put through law school leaves her for another young lawyer. A soft touch for con artists, needy neighbours and her own friends, and a vegetarian who wouldn't hurt a fly, she doesn't even like to hurt people's feelings. So she is understandably horrified when she discovers she's been running loose during full moons ripping out the throats of wealthy men and having bestial sex with another wild werewolf.

When Dr. Marco Potenza promises her a chance of a near-normal life through talk, drug and confinement therapy, this appeals to Annie. But the allure of the wild male werewolf is strong, and the city is teeming with human predators who are Annie's natural prey. Can she resist her natural urge to kill? Can two wild werewolves find love while the police, the media, her psychiatrist and maverick hunters are closing in?

Sparkle Hayter: Naked Brunch. No Exit Press, ISBN: 1842430548 (February, 2003), 288 p., £6.99



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