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Lauren Henderson: Freeze My Margarita

Freeze My Margarita From the Publisher:
Sam Jones is back, and she's still wearing rubber. A chance meeting in a fetish club with an old friend from art school, now set-designing, garners her a commission to create a series of mobiles for his latest production. Sam can't resist most things, and certainly not a challenge. Before you can say The Collected Works of Shakespeare she plunges into the world of the theatre. To her dismay she finds that the appalling Helen, girlfriend of Sam's best mate Janey, is a member of the cast; but there are many redeeming features, including an instant rapport with an enigmatic and acidly witty actor named Hugo, possessor of a Lord Peter Wimsey drawl, Hard Candy-varnished fingernails and a perfectly-formed bottom. Now if Sam could only be sure whether he was gay or not...This pressing question is only overshadowed by the discovery of a very dead body in the sump under the theatre. Sam by now is so accustomed to finding decomposing corpses that she's wondering whether she's the bastard lovechild of Scully and Mulder. As the mysterious deaths keep on coming and a practical joker starts to sabotage performances of the play, Sam barely has time to knock back a few frozen margaritas, sort out...

Lauren Henderson: Freeze My Margarita. Arrow, ISBN: 009942777X (August, 2001), 384 p., £5.99






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