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Lauren Henderson: The Black Rubber Dress

The Black Rubber Dress From the Publisher:
Sexy, savvy sculptor-turned-sleuth Sam Jones attracts trouble like she does men. When her sculpture Thing III is unveiled at a swank reception in the atrium of a London bank, a dead body crashes the party. From there, events take a distinctly dangerous turn. Our rubber-clad heroine hardly suspects that in a few days she'll be embroiled in a hot affair with a BMW-driving, Kensington-dwelling stockbroker -- the shame of it!

Forced to hang out with a pair of spoiled, anorexic rich girls and their unsavory entourage of ³friends² as she unravels the facts behind the murder, Sam finds herself unwillingly pulled into a twisted world of drugs, blackmail, and trust funds -- one that seems to spell disaster for high society's darlings. By the end of the week even the usually tough-as-nails Sam is running scared. She needs to get to the bottom of it all -- before she turns up dead herself.

Lauren Henderson: The Black Rubber Dress. Three Rivers Press, ISBN: 0609804383 (June, 1999), 304 p., $13.95






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