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The Testament of Caspar Schultz

Jack Higgins: The Testament of Caspar Schultz (UK 1999)

From the Publisher:
Can love conquer the unknown horrors of the Nazi past?
Recently resurfaced in Germany ... an explosive personal testament revealing the growing menace of a new National Socialist movement. At the height of the Cold War, special agent Paul Chavasse slips into Hamburg with orders to seek out - and destroy. Danger is part of his business. But there was a risk even he hadn't foreseen...

Anna Hartmann. The beautiful young woman prepared to give up everything in her search for justice and truth. To help her, Chavasse is ready to love. To save her, he is ready to die...

Jack Higgins: The Testament of Caspar Schultz. Penguin Books, ISBN: 0140269185 (May, 1999), 224 p., £6.99.






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