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Wrath of the Lion

Jack Higgins: Wrath of the Lion (UK 2008)

From the Publisher:
Classic adventure from the million copy bestseller Jack Higgins
A rogue U-boat is patrolling the Atlantic coast, its fanatical crew ready to slaughter for a self-proclaimed dream of France. In the long dark years of the Cold War, not every battle merited centre stage. Many threats to Europe were imagined, but this one is very real.

L'Alouette has to be stopped, eliminated before all out war prevails once again. Only one man can stop the threat, and the prospect of peace in Europe rests in his hands. They call him 'the Butcher of Perak…'

Jack Higgins: Wrath of the Lion. The Classic Bestseller. HarperCollins, ISBN: 000723483X (February, 2008), 368 p., £6.99.






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