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Richard Hoyt: Pony Girls

Pony Girls From the Publisher
Strange doings: European jumping horses have died mysteriously. Now prime Spanish mustang stallions are being killed all over the West. A beautiful young television newswoman is chasing the story, and some weirdo is posting obscene clues on the net.

John Denson, Annie Dancer, and Willie Sees the Night are retained to find the horse killers. Denson prefers logic, Annie her computer skills, and they share a lively bed. The shaman Willie reaches beyond reason: He again sends Denson flying into mysterious realms to find the truth. Are the animal spirits Denson sees real? Has Willie Sees the Night been fighting the shape-changing Koonran since the beginning of time? Is this the true source of all evil? Or is the monster part of us all, coursing through our blood?

Pony Girls is John Denson's wildest adventure.

Richard Hoyt: Pony Girls. A John Denson Mystery. Forge, ISBN: 0765306166 (May, 2004), 272 p., $24.95



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