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Eugene Izzi: Tribal Secrets

Tribal Secrets From the Publisher:
Raised on Chicago's mean streets, Babe Hill has fought long and hard to put his violent past behind him. And it looks as if he may have finally succeeded: his performance in a Sunday night Movie of the Week has made Babe Hill a star. But getting there didn't come easy, and Babe has the scars to prove it....

Down on the city's southeast side, Babe's father, Johnny Hilliard, has made a career out of killing for the mob, while Babe's younger brother kills for the pure pleasure of it. Even Babe, before managing to break away from the family, once went before a judge for manslaughter. No matter how far you go or how high you climb, it's the kind of history that can always reach up and drag you down.

But now Babe is discovering that the past isn't his only problem, that success doesn't mean safety, and fame doesn't deliver happiness. Because when you've got millions of adoring fans, all it takes is one to make your life hell. Edna Rose doesn't care if Babe has a wife and kids. She knows that the sexy actor belongs to her - and she'll do anything to win him... anything.

Yet when Edna makes her move, she'll find she has unexpected competition. Babe's father has just ripped off his employers to the tune of forty grand, and now the mob means to make Babe pay for his father's sins. Suddenly everyone wants a piece of Babe... but it won't go down the way any of them expect...

From Chicago's darkest alleys into the darkest corners of the human heart, Tribal Secrets rips away the masks... to expose the menace, rage, and desperation that seethes just beneath the surface of our lives.

Eugene Izzi: Tribal Secrets. Bantam Books, ISBN: 0553563394 (October, 1993), 341 p., $4.99


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