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Nick Gaitano: Mr. X

Mr. X From the Publisher:
After wrapping up a particularly nasty homicide case in Special Victims, rookie Jake Phillips has earned himself a place alongside the big boys. This time out, Jake is partnered with homicide veteran Alex "Mondo" Mondello and must work twice as hard to earn the respect it takes simply to survive as a cop on Chicago's mean streets. Though strictly a play-by-the-rules cop, Jake quickly learns that honesty is not the best policy when his partner falls under suspicion in a case they are investigating. Wanting to believe his partner is innocent, Jake embarks on a one-man investigation that takes him behind the scenes of a nasty sex-ring operation and onto the trail of a sex-crazed killer known only as Mr. X. Feeling increasingly uneasy about his partner's possible guilt, Jake knows for certain only that Mr. X is so well connected to cops and criminals alike that he is literally getting away with murder. Determined to break the case and learn the Truth, Jake loses sight of everything he's ever held sacred - his morals, his ethics, his family - and sets out to capture this dangerous man who calls himself "X".

Nick Gaitano: Mr. X. Simon & Schuster, ISBN: 0671500104 (March, 1995), 272 p., $21.00


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