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Stuart Kaminsky (ed.): Mystery in the Sunshine State

Mystery in the Sunshine State From the Publisher:
A collection of twenty-two short stories equipped with enough murder, mayhem, and - yes you are reading correctly - suntan lotion to wet a mystery fan's whistle like a cold margarita on a hot day in Miami's South Beach. No snow tracks in these whodunit gems. If you enjoy cringing at devilishly ironic twists of bloody fate and piecing together clues that lead to elusive murderers, con artists, and just plain old disturbed individuals, then this book is the next shadowy figure standing outside your front door. Are you willing to open up? If you think you're prepared, go into the closet and dig out those crusty old sandals, your khaki shorts, and that terribly touristy Hawaiian shirt that would make Jimmy Buffet envious, because Stuart Kaminsky wants to take you on a harrowing mystery ride through the beaches and back alleys of the Sunshine State. Drawing on the talents of some of Florida's most notable mystery writers, Mr. Kaminsky has created a spine-tingling mosaic of clue-hoarding, blood-bathing, killer-catching, sun- burning mystery euphoria. Get ready, 'cause the sleuths are on the loose!

Stuart Kaminsky (ed.): Mystery in the Sunshine State. Florida Short Stories by Florida's Mystery Writers. Pineapple Press , ISBN: 1561641855 (October, 1999), 362 p., $14.95



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