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He Done Her Wrong

Stuart Kaminsky: He Done Her Wrong (USA 2001)

From the Publisher:
As a private eye, Toby Peters has had some pretty impressive clients over the years, but none of them has been quite as memorable as his latest: a tough-as-nails, sharp-witted, damsel-in-distress named Mae West. Mae, it seems, has discovered that her only copy of her sizzling autobiography is missing. Without hesitation, Peters agrees to track it down.

But after taking a beating from a man named Ressner - a thief, a master of disguise, and, even more dangerous, a frustrated actor - Peters realizes that his job is just beginning.

Following the trail of Mae's scandalous memoirs soon leads Peters into the midst of a family feud of Herculean proportions, and a California sanitarium from which he must make a daring escape worthy of Ressner himself...

Stuart M. Kaminsky: He Done Her Wrong. A Toby Peters Mystery co-starring Mae West. Simon & Schuster , ISBN: 0743413067 (May, 2001), 247 p., $12.00.






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