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Karen Kijewski: Katapult

Katapult From the Publisher:
Kat Colorado - A thirty-something California bartender-turned-P.I. -- a curious lady with nine lives, nerves of iron... and a passion for justice.

A murderer has struck home -- and Kat Colorado is taking it personally. Her cousin Johnny has been found stabbed to death in he parking lot of the Homestead Cafe. And now Kat's on the prowl -- trailing a killer through a dangerous world of shady real estate shenanigans and teenage hookers. And she's about to uncover a closetful of sordid family secrets almost certain to get an overly inquisitive Kat skinned.

Karen Kijewski: Katapult. Avon Books, ISBN: 0380714868 (August, 1997), 288 p., $6.99






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