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The Complete Drive-In

Joe R. Lansdale: The Complete Drive-In (USA 2010)

From the Publisher:
Friday night at the Orbit Drive-in: a circus of noise, sex, teenage hormones, B-movie blood, and popcorn. On a cool, crisp summer night, with the Texas stars shining down like rattlesnake eyes, movie-goers for the All-Night Horror Show are trapped in the drive-in by a demonic-looking comet. Then the fun begins. If the movie-goers try to leave, their bodies dissolve into goo. Cowboys are reduced to tears. Lovers quarrel. Bikini-clad women let their stomachs’ sag, having lost the ambition to hold them in. The world outside the six monstrous screens fades to black while the movie-goers spiral into base humanity, resorting to fighting, murdering, crucifying, and cannibalizing to survive. Part dark comedy part horror show, Lansdale's cult Drive-In books are as shocking and entertaining today as they were twenty years ago.

This volume contains all three Drive-In books in one volume, along with an introduction by Don Coscarelli and illustrations from the Coscarelli movie that was never made.

Joe R. Lansdale: The Complete Drive-In. Three novels of anarchy, aliens, & the popcorn king. Underland Press, ISBN: 9780980226041 (May, 2010), 376 p., $14.95.






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