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Crucified Dreams

Joe R. Lansdale: Crucified Dreams (USA 2011)

From the Publisher:
Crossing noir with the supernatural, this luridly visceral anthology attacks polite society and plunges into the unthinkable horrors lurking in its underbelly. These are savage tales of private dicks, serial killers, pitiless demons, recalling the wino in the gutter who was an opera singer before his throat was slit. Surreal and often bloody, this is a glimpse of a world that exists as dark mirror of our own -- a world where Sam Spade could end up in Wonderland and mugged by the Mad Hatter, who sells his organs to drug-crazed resurrectionists. When the bottom could fall out at anytime -- and probably already has -- these stories are a reminder that even in a seemingly post-noir world, we are far from civilized.

Joe R. Lansdale: Crucified Dreams. Tales of Urban Horror. Tachyon Publications, ISBN: 9781616960032 (February, 2011), 374 p., $15.95.






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