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Flaming London

Joe R. Lansdale: Flaming London (USA 2005)

From the Publisher:
We're proud to announce the sequel to »Zeppelins West«. »Flaming London« is another highly strange illustrated novel by Joe R. Lansdale, with a full-color dustjacket, endsheets, and black and white interior illustrations by Timothy Truman.

Ned Lives!
That's right. Ned the Seal of »Zeppelins West« survived the shark attack from his last adventure, and he's back in a new escapade starring Jules Verne, Mark Twain, H. G. Wells and his Martian invaders, as well as a number of surprise guests you may or may not recognize.

Yes, my friends, it's a story of Ned the Seal, adventurer, future dime novelist and fish lover, in a world not of his making. Not of his choice. In fact, no one knows for sure who made it or chose it. And boy is it a mess.

Besides our plucky seal, here too is Rikwalk, the forty foot tall ape. Beadle and John Feather, the Masters of the giant metal steam man of the prairie, stoked up and ready to fight Martian war machines.

Not since you stubbed your big toe on your way to the toilet in the middle of the night have there been so many surprises. »Flaming London« is a pure fun romp you can ride without benefit of bridle or saddle and it won't hurt your toe.

So kick back, turn on the fan, pull the covers up to your chin, prop up your back, and read this tale of seals unchained, Steam unharnessed, ruthless Martian invaders, and heroes. And don't forget the fish.

Joe R. Lansdale: Flaming London. Dustjacket and interior illustrations by Timothy Truman. Subterranean Press, ISBN: 1596060255 (September, 2005), $40.00.







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