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Retro Pulp Tales

Joe R. Lansdale (ed.): Retro Pulp Tales (USA 2006)

From the Publisher:
These stories are all pulp-inspired, hoping to capture the story-telling ability and fast pace of tales from 30, 40, 50 years ago and more. In Retro Pulp Tales, the hunt for a serial killer plays out in a pulp-magazine letters column (Chet Williamson), mishaps haunt a helicopter crash simulator (Stephen Gallagher), and a real-life "Gidget" sees things in space alien terms (Melissa Mia Hall). Other contributors include Norman Partridge, Tim Lebbon, Kim Newman, F. Paul Wilson, Alex Irvine, Bill Crider, Gary Phillips, and James Reasoner.

Joe R. Lansdale (ed.): Retro Pulp Tales. Subterranean Press, ISBN: 1596060085 (June, 2006), 235 p., $40.00.






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