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Unchained and Unhinged

Joe R. Lansdale: Unchained and Unhinged (USA 2009)

From the Publisher:
These short pieces, are, like The King and Other Stories, a collection of easy to read stories and articles that are designed to be treats for my readers. Nothing to hurt the head, but perhaps something to make you smile, or even think a little--but not too much.

The stories in The King were all pretty much pulp and absurdist pieces. This collection contains a few stories of weight, even though they are short.

The bottom line is they are designed for immediate consumption, the perfect kind of story for the busy day. Because, if you're like me, even on my busiest day, I like to find a few moments to read, even if it's only a chapter from a novel, a scene I've enjoyed reading before, a short story, or, what we used to call short-shorts. The articles though a little less flash like, are still quick reads and are probably best appreciated by those who like to read about writing and writers.

Again, I thank all of you who have bought my short story collections and novels and comic books. Stay with me. I keep having new stories come to visit all the time. They're friendly, and they like to meet other readers other than me. Here are a few of the friendlier ones. They aren't complex friends, but you couldn't find any more well meaning than these.

Table of Contents:

Unchained (essays):
Just Do It
Little Boys Unite
Typewriter Mystique, the Bull of It
Kuttner Sharpens His Literary Sword
Leslie Whitten: Neglected Master

Unhinged (stories):
Dragon Chili: From the Grand Church Cookbook
Big Man: a Fable
Jack’s Pecker
Little Kitty
December Rainy Weather

Joe R. Lansdale: Unchained and Unhinged. Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne. Subterranean Press, ISBN: 9781596062252 (December, 2009), 143 p., $40.00.






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