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Sojan the Swordsman/Under the Warrior Star

Michael Moorcock and Joe R. Lansdale: Sojan the Swordsman/Under the Warrior Star (USA 2010)

From the Publisher:
Planet Stories presents two science fantasy adventures in one volume from legends Michael Moorcock and Joe R. Lansdale! These novellas present modern masters at their pulpy, planetary best, forging new legends on far-off worlds!

Moorcock's SOJAN THE SWORDSMAN revisits the author's very first published character, the original incarnation of the Eternal Champion! Rewritten and expanded from its original appearance in Moorcock's self-published Tarzan Adventures fanzine, this tale of swordplay, airships, and bizarre landscapes sees the hero Sojan and his beloved Princess Noothar encountering strange races of men and even stranger monsters in a fast-paced adventure in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Leigh Brackett.

Lansdale's never-before-published novella UNDER THE WARRIOR STAR is the tale of Brax Hooker, a freelance journalist whose world travels in search of adventure lead him to a secret laboratory in the Rocky Mountains where a rogue scientist is attempting to create a universe in minature. Having come to believe his life has lost meaning, Brax agrees to be the first traveler into this new Universe, venturing into a forest world of strange plants, weird creatures and deadly warriors. There Brax leads a life of adventure, discovering danger, a ton of surprises, and the love of his life under the hazy blue light of an alien sun.

Michael Moorcock and Joe R. Lansdale: Sojan the Swordsman/Under the Warrior Star . Paizo Publishing, ISBN: 9781601252883 (September, 2010), 260 p., $15.99.






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