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Bob Leuci: Captain Butterfly

Captain Butterfly From the Publisher:
Bob Leuci draws on his career with the NYPD in this powerful "insider" novel. Dedicated policewoman Marjorie Butera ("Captain Butterfly" to her enemies) is engaged in an investigation of a Brooklyn precinct where police terror and personal vendettas make a mockery of the law.

It doesn't take long for her to realize that she is collecting evidence against peers who are plotting against her, and who can be as vicious and deadly as the criminals they are supposed to apprehend. As a woman and a member of the Internal Affairs Division, she represents the worst to New York's crooked cops.

The razor-edged realities of New York City law enforcement, the Byzantine politics of the force, and the intricacies of human relationships are all illuminated in this engrossing, street-savvy novel.

Bob Leuci: Captain Butterfly. Moyer Bell; ISBN: 1559212535 (May, 1998), 256 p., $10.95



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