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Ride the Lightning

John Lutz: Ride the Lightning (USA 2001)

From the Publisher:
No one thought Curtis Colt had been railroaded for the shooting of a liquor store owner, least of all St. Louis private investigator Alo Nudger. It had been an open-and-shut case of cold-blooded murder, and the people of Missouri were just waiting for Colt to be strapped into the electric chair-after all, three eyewitnesses couldn't be wrong. But as time runs out on the convicted killer, Nudger receives a call from Candy Ann Adams, Colt's fiancé, who insists he's innocent-because she knows who really pulled the trigger. Much to his surprise, Nudger comes across new evidence that convinces him that maybe Candy Ann is right-maybe the wrong man has been sentenced to "ride the lighting"...

John Lutz: Ride the Lightning. An Alo Nudger Mystery. iBooks, ISBN: 0743413199 (June, 2001), 256 p., $14.00.






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