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Bird Lives!

Bill Moody: Bird Lives! (USA 1999)

From the Publisher:
Things couldn't be better for jazz pianist Evan Horne. Back on stage after an accident left him unable to play the piano for over a year, Evan's first gig results in a record offer from Quarter Tone Records, a small, but respectable label known for quality work. Not bad for one night back! But news of the murder of Ty Rodman, a sax player whose fusion of blues riffs and a rock beat created the "smooth" jazz sounds popularized by Kenny G, threatens Evan's music career, life, and relationship with his girlfriend. Scrawled on the wall above Rodman's body is "Bird Lives!" -- a certain reference to Charlie "Bird" Parker... and the words soon appear again, next to a second corpse.

Bill Moody: Bird Lives!. An Evan Horne Mystery. Walker & Co., ISBN: 0802733271 (June, 1999), 248 p., $23.95






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