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The Marshal and the Madwoman

Magdalen Nabb: The Marshal and the Madwoman (USA 2003)

From the Publisher:
Out giving his wife driving lessons, Marshal Guarnaccia of the Carabinieri witnesses a disturbance in the streets involving a local eccentric, "crazy Clementina." When the woman is found dead in her apartment soon after the incident of an apparent suicide, the marshal is puzzled and immediately suspects foul play. But who would have a motive to kill her? As the marshal dives into the case and reconstructs Clementina's tragic past, his investigation dredges up the events surrounding a disastrous flood some twenty years earlier and a controversial piece of legislation with profound effects on the lives of Italy's mentally unstable residents.

Magdalen Nabb: The Marshal and the Madwoman. A Marshal Guarnaccia Investigation. Soho Press, ISBN: 1569473404 (October, 2003), 223 p., $12.00.






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