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Robert B. Parker: Pale Kings and Princes

Pale Kings and Princes From the Publisher:
The bestselling author of Pastime and Double Deuce presents a "taut thriller... (that will) keep the reader's adrenaline pumping overtime" (Publishers Weekly). Caught in a snowstorm of drugs, passion, and hate, Spenser investigates a cocaine-related murder. Part of Dell's ongoing Robert B. Parker reissue program.

"Like Philip Marlowe, Spenser is a man of honor in a dishonorable world. When he says he will do something, it is done. The dialogues zings, and there is plenty of action... but it is the moral element that sets them above most detective fiction." Newsweek

Robert B. Parker: Pale Kings and Princes. Dell Publishing, ISBN: 0440200040 (September, 1992), 320 p., $7.99.



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