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Ellis Peters: The Piper on the Mountain

The Piper on the Mountain From the Publisher:
Czech Into Murder... .

The death of unpopular Herbert Terrell seems accidental-although this expert mountain climber plunged off a mere hill in Czechoslovakia. The saddest part of the tragedy is that no one cares, not his ex-wife, his step daughter Tossa at Oxford, or his colleagues at a British scientific institute... until Tossa is shocked into emotion by a mysterious note suggesting Terrell was murdered. .

Now Tossa's long-planned European holiday with college friends, including Dominic Felse, becomes a hunt for a killer. Crossing into an Eastern Europe of dark intrigue and sinister strangers, the high-spirited group is unwittingly on a road to danger. But Dominic, who learned the art of detection from his policeman father, Inspector George Felse, realizes someone else may die unless he finds the truth about a Czech piper, a mountain hideaway, and Terrell's final fall. .

By the creator of the wonderful Brother Cadfael Medieval mysteries, this contemporary whodunit is available to American readers for the first time in paperback-a tale rich with Ellis Peters's genius for settings, unique characters, and riveting plots.

Ellis Peters: The Piper on the Mountain. An Inspector George Felse Mystery. Warner Books, ISBN: 0446400718 (March, 1996), 340 p., $5.99.


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