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Ellis Peters: Death Mask

Death Mask From the Publisher:
When archaeologist Bruce Almond is tragically killed on a dig in Greece, his son Crispin returns to Somerset and to a mother he barely knows. Crispin has good reason to believe his father's death was no accident, and in his grief and confusion even his mother is not free from suspicion - particularly when she seems over-friendly with two of Almond's ex-colleagues: men who had opportunity, if not motive, for foul play. The truth lies buried along with some priceless Greek treasures, so Crispin baits a clever trap that is designed to lure the murderer out of hiding, fully realising how dangerous a game he is embarked upon...

Ellis Peters: Death Mask. Headline, ISBN: 0747233721 (March, 1990), 192 p., £6.99.



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