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Ellis Peters: Flight of a Witch

Flight of a Witch From the Publisher:
Annet Beck has the kind of breathtaking beauty that strikes people dumb, and young teacher Tom Kenyon, a lodger in her parents' house, is no exception. When Annet disappears, last seen on the Hallowmount, an historic border site with an eerie reputation, Tom determines to find out where and why: Annet is adamant she's been away a mere two hours but there is irrefutable evidence that she has been gone for five days. What is the explanation? Deliberate deceit? Amnesia? Or witchcraft? Tom's amateur investigations get nowhere until Detective Inspector George Felse finds cause to connect those missing five days with his enquiry into a death. The subsequent search takes the two men along a trail of betrayal, robbery and murder to a deadly confrontation among the ancient stones of Hallowmount...

Ellis Peters: Flight of a Witch. Headline, ISBN: 0747235562 (November, 1990), 192 p., £5.99.



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