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Rex Stout: Homicide Trinity

Homicide Trinity From the Publisher:
The orchid-growing gourmet Nero Wolfe and his confidential assistant, Archie Goodwin, dine on a three-course feast of murder. The menu in the first case is a double helping of lethal instruments. In the second, an embarassing situation develops when Wolfe's own soup-stained tie becomes a deadly weapon. Finally, Rex Stout proves that one can indeed have too much money, when a healthy serving of greenbacks and a ham actor lead Archie to an unpleasant discovery: a poor dead soul who may or may not have gotten his just desserts.

Rex Stout: Homicide Trinity. A Nero Wolfe Mystery. Introduction by Stephen Greenleaf. Crimeline, ISBN: 0553234463 (August, 1993), 224 p., $5.99.






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