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Rex Stout: Three Men Out

Three Men Out From the Publisher:
The legendary Nero Wolfe finds himself deep in foul territory in these three baffling cases of murder and mayhem. In the first, some sharp questions about a poisoning come to an abrupt end -- as in death by a blunt instrument. Then Wolfe must decode the last message of a competitor who pencils in the name of his killer just before he's rubbed out with one shot in his soundproof office. Finally, the stay-at-home sleuth deigns to attend a World Series game where a rookie's struck out before he gets to bat. Wolfe is left to prove that when it comes to detection he's in a league by himself.

Rex Stout: Three Men Out. A Nero Wolfe Mystery. Introduction by Linda Ellerbee. Crimeline, ISBN: 0553245473 (May, 1994), 204 p., $5.99.


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