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Rex Stout: And Four to Go

And Four to Go From the Publisher:
Nero Wolfe and his assistant, Archie Goodwin, star in these four gems. In The Christmas Party Archie and his fiancee attend an office party where Wolfe condescends to uncharacteristic theatrics. His dramatic technique is good, but it isn't enough to clear him from suspicion of murder. The Easter Parade tempts Wolfe to commit petty larceny for an orchid. Though that crime goes unpunished, the inevitable murder doesn't. A Fourth of July Picnic has Wolfe scheduled for an unprecedented appearance as orator. But his day in the sun is rained out -- by murder. The last selection, Murder Is No Joke is a whodunit in a couturier's salon, where a murderer is dressed to kill -- and kill again.

Rex Stout: And Four to Go. A Nero Wolfe Mystery. Introduction by Jane Haddam. Crimeline, ISBN: 0553249851 (October, 1992), 240 p., $5.99.






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