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Rex Stout: Three Doors to Death

Three Doors to Death From the Publisher:
One by one, three new clients knock on Nero Wolfe's door, each with a case more perplexing than the one before. First comes the niece of a man who jumped naked into a geyser -- suicide. Then a murder victim's family arrives, covering for the real killer while a chef -- the accused -- stews in jail. Finally arrives a horticulturist who found his girlfriend dead and chilling in a hothouse. They've come to the right place: at Wolfe's West 35th street office, murder always feels at home.

Rex Stout: Three Doors to Death. A Nero Wolfe Mystery. Introduction by Jonathan Kellerman. Crimeline, ISBN: 0553251279 (March, 1995), 240 p., $6.50






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