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Rex Stout: A Prize for Princes

A Prize for Princes From the Publisher:
In this novel of intrigue and suspense, the masterful Rex Stout follows the fortunes of Aline Solini, whose angelic face hides a demon's soul. It is the face that captivates Richard Stetton, a wealthy young American, when he rescues Aline from a Balkan convent about to be sacked by marauding Turks. Stetton also enables Aline to escape Vasili Petrovich, the husband she tried to poison, and introduces her into society's highest circles. There Aline proves her talents for deceit and chicanery among men of power to be no less formidable -- or deadly -- than her sensuality.

Rex Stout: A Prize for Princes. Carroll & Graf, ISBN: 0786708824 (August, 2001), 312 p., $5.95






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